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For over 50 years, Glendon has delivered the who’s who of Canadian leaders. The bilingual campus of York University, Glendon has now grown beyond the original mandate, a Canada-centric vision, and has now turned resolutely towards the world – internationalization being one of its defining features. Today Glendon boasts more than 14,000 alumni worldwide, many of whom hold prominent leadership roles, in communities and in business, as thought-leaders and changemakers.


Mona Awad
Mona Awad , BA’04

Award-Winning Writer and Fearless Storyteller

Writer and Academic: How Glendon Inspired a Creative Career for Novelist Mona Awad

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Will Paterson,
Will Paterson, BA’01
International Studies

World Bank Lawyer

Grateful Graduate Donates $25,000 to Economics Professor’s Memorial Fund

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Kailey Vokes
Kailey Vokes, BA’11
Political Science

Finance Policy Expert

Graduate in Government: How Kailey Vokes’ Studies Prepared Her For a Career In Politics

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Louis Vigneault-Dubois,

Louis Vigneault-Dubois, BA’04
International Studies

Global Communicator at UNICEF

How Louis Vigneault-Dubois Ensures Children Everywhere Are Heard

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Dr. Teddy Samy, BA’95

Visionary Economist 

Measured Changemaker: How Dr. Teddy Samy Envisions a World With More Opportunity

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Heather Scoffield, BA’92
International Studies

Renowned Journalist

From Valedictorian to Bureau Chief: How Heather Scoffield Shares The News Stories That Matter

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Chantal Fry, BA’98
Political Science

Artistic Entrepreneur

From Skater to Entrepreneur: a Glendon Experience Put to Work

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Sylvain Roy, BA’02
English, Psychology

Mental Health Leader

Transforming Insights Into Initiatives: How Dr. Sylvain Roy Supports Ontario’s Most Vulnerable People

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Ann Cavoukian
Ann Cavoukian, BA’76

World-renowned Privacy Expert  

Protecting The Public’s Privacy: How Dr. Ann Cavoukian went from Glendon Grad to Global Expert

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Mayer Elharar
Mayer Elharar, BA’09
Business Economics

Serial Tech Entrepreneur

The Startup Spirit: How Mayer Elharar Used Glendon as His Entrepreneurial Training Ground

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Kristen Pennington

Kristen Pennington, BA’11
Canadian Studies and Women’s Studies

Social Justice Lawyer 

Bridging the Gap: How Lawyer Kristen Pennington Ties Social Justice Goals to Business Goals

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