Executive committee 2016-17


Director: María Constanza Guzmán, Translation Studies (Glendon)



Philipp Angermeyer, DLLL (Keele)

Christina Clark-Kazak, Associate Principal Research and Graduate Studies (Glendon, Ex Officio)

Bruce Connell, Coordinator Linguistics (Glendon)

Lyse Hébert, Translation Studies (Glendon)

Susan Ingram, Humanities (Keele)

Aurelia Klimkiewicz, Translation Studies (Glendon)

Ian Martin, English Studies (Glendon)

Brian Morgan, English Studies (Glendon)

Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, French Studies (Keele)

Candace Seguinot, Translation Studies (Glendon)

Diana Spokiene, DLLL (Keele)

Dorin Uritescu, French Studies (Glendon)

Alejandro Zamora, Hispanic Studies (Glendon)


Tania Pla Osca (MA student, Glendon)

Simon Zhipeng (PhD student, Keele)


York University

Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation

The Division of the Vice-President Research & Innovation (VPRI) is institutionally responsible for York University’s strategic research planning.

The division also provides research services for faculty members, promotes a sustainable research environment, and communicates the results and impact of York’s research.

The division includes the Office of the VPRI, the Office of Research Services (ORS), university-wide Organized Research Units (ORUs), and services such as technology transfer and research ethics.

Opening doors for research and innovation

The work of York’s researchers and 28 research centres touches almost every facet of human life. This strength, combined with our capacity for unique collaborations and synergies, has attracted a rich and diverse group of external partners who work with us to ensure our research is mobilized for maximum impact on Canada and around the world.

York research continues to support our overall strategy by responding to our fast-paced, evolving community and challenging economic times. We are leading initiatives as York Region’s research-intensive university and fostering partnerships to expand our research reputation on the world stage.

I invite you to engage with our researchers, to view our strategy, initiatives and York’s research strengths. Our doors are open to collaboration as we seek solutions to scientific and societal challenges.