The CRLCC makes available to its members a small collection of books and journal issues on Language Contact. These books and journals have been donated by Prof. Danielle Cyr (CRLCC), Dominique Lepicq (Emeritus Faculty, French Studies, McMaster University) and Raymond Mougeon (CRLCC). Danielle Cyr and Raymond Mougeon’s donations were made possible in part through generous gifts by late Professors Peter H. Nelde and Philippe Lafaury.
The volumes and journals are shelved in room B209 at Glendon College. Borrowing can be arranged through Prisca Ng. 

The collection is indexed. To search through the catalogue, you can use the options indicated below.

  •  You can search publications by author, title, by subjects, or by any combination thereof. The system will display the results that match all of the fields
  •  For the author field, enter the name or a portion of the authors’ names
  •  For the title field, enter the title or a portion of the title
  •  For subjects field, enter up to 5 subjects separated by commas. Subjects that are available to you will be displayed as you type them.
  •  The results can be exported to PDF, CSV and XML formats

Search the catalogue