Research Interests and Specialties

Socio-cultural and linguistic contact and theory of linguistic variation and change :

  • Research Interests and Specialties
  • History of language politics and ideologies
  • Andean history and anthropology
  • Quechua in colonial and modern Peru

Research Projects

“The Social History of Quechua Letters: Modern Peru, 1900-1975.” SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2010-2013.

Pastoral Quechua: The History of Christian Translation in Colonial Peru, 1550-1650. University of Notre Dame Press (Notre Dame, IN), 2007 (xvi+395p).

Book Chapters
“Standard Colonial Quechua.” Forthcoming in a volume on Iberian imperialism and language evolution in Latin America, Bruce Mannheim and Salikoko Mufwene eds., under contract to University of Chicago Press. 28-page ms.

“Quechua Political Literature in Early Republican Peru (1821-1876).” Forthcoming in History and Language in the Andes, Paul Heggarty and Adrian Pearce eds., under contract to Palgrave Macmillan. 24-page ms.

Refereed Articles
“Apuntes para una historia de los himnos quechuas del Cuzco” [Notes on the History of the Quechua Hymns of Cuzco]. Chungara, Revista de Antropología Chilena 42:1 (2010), 147-155.

“Native-Language Literacy in Colonial Peru: The Question of Mundane Quechua Writing Revisited.” The Hispanic American Historical Review 88:1 (2008), 41-70.

“Notes on the Authorship of the Huarochirí Manuscript.” Colonial Latin American Review 16:2 (2007), 227-241.

“La escritura del quechua por indígenas en el siglo XVII – nuevas evidencias en el Archivo Arzobispal de Lima (estudio preliminar y edición de textos)” [Indigenous Writers of Quechua in the Seventeenth Century: New Evidence from the Archdiocesan Archive of Lima (Preliminary Study and Edition of Texts]. Revista Andina 37 (2003), 207-236.

“El Aptaycachana de Juan de Castromonte – un manual sacramental quechua para la sierra central del Perú (ca. 1650)” [Juan de Castromonte’s Aptaycachana: A Quechua Sacramental Manual for the Central Highlands of Peru (ca. 1650)]. Bulletin de l’Institut Français d’Études Andines 31:2 (2002), 219-292.