E-mail : jmmontsion@glendon.yorku.ca


Associate Professor, Canadian Studies Program, Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, York University, Glendon College

Research Interests

  • Chinese Immigration and Community Politics in Singapore and Vancouver
  • Ethnic and Racial Landscapes in Singapore and Vancouver
  • Gateway Cities in the International Political Economy
  • Indigenous Diplomacies and Canada-Asia Relations
  • International Students and Canadian Universities
  • Emotional landscapes and colonialism

Research Projects


Jean Michel’s research focuses on ethnic, urban and mobility questions as they arise in Canada’s relations with various Asian societies and communities. From an everyday life perspective, he examines the impact of port and airport infrastructure projects in Canadian cities like Vancouver on local communities; he documents First Nations’ diplomatic efforts in China, and he analyses the migration experiences of Chinese students to Canadian universities. He is also interested in ethnic and community politics of Singapore and utilizes Southeast Asia in a comparison to Canadian cases and realities.



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