The CRLCC is an inclusive interdisciplinary space that brings together researchers from all areas interested in studying the relationship between language and society. Although not restricted to the following research clusters, these describe areas in which the Centre has developed specific foci:

Language ecology and language planning.

This cluster brings together researchers working on ecological approaches to language and questions of language policy, planning and revitalization; their work involves studying the presence of minority and indigenous languages in multilingual environments, including urban centres, locally and at the international level.

Research cluster coordinator: Ian Martin


 Language contact, variation, and change.

This cluster encompasses the work of scholars whose approach to language derives from and relates to frameworks and methodologies pertaining to i) socio-cultural and linguistic contact, ii) linguistic variation and linguistic change, and iii) linguistic mixing.

Research cluster coordinator Dominique Scheffel-Dunand


Translation, interpreting, and knowledge exchange.

This cluster focuses on questions of translation and interpreting both in the technical, applied sense of these fields of knowledge and practice and in the larger sense of the symbolic and knowledge exchanges of individuals and communities, historically and in contemporary society. This cluster is linked to the Research Group on Translation and Transcultural Contact (RGTTC).

Research cluster coordinator: María Constanza Guzmán