Audiovisual Translation: Between Theory and Practice

The Centre for Research on Language and Culture Contact (CRLCC), in collaboration with Research Group on Translation and Transcultural Contact and the School of Translation, presents the 2017 Glendon Translation Research Summer School.

June 12-16, 2017

Glendon College (York University). Toronto

Monday: YH- A304: 9am to 12pm

Monday: YH A301: Afternoon– 1pm to 5pm

Tuesday to Friday:  YH A304 9am to 5pm

Professor Yves Gambier from University of Turku  chairs the CRLCC’s Translations Research Summer School

June 13th from 1.10pm in YH-A304 Professor Gambier will be hosting a public lectue on Current International Opportunities and Challenges in Audiovisual Translation (AVT)

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