Our unique international bachelors degree prepares you for success in the global workforce by bringing international perspectives and experiences to your university degree. Glendon’s reputation for excellence in languages and academics, our close-knit diverse community, and our Toronto location make us the ideal host for bilingual and trilingual programs.

International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) and International Bachelor of Science (iBSc) degrees follow the same structure as the BA and BSc, but fold in additional language courses, internationally-oriented courses, and an international exchange (typically completed in your third year).

The iBA and iBSc degrees integrate your chosen area(s) of study with three international components:

  1. Exploration of international issues within and beyond your major(s) in internationally-oriented courses.
  2. Practical experience living and learning abroad on an international exchange with a partner university.
  3. Bilingual certification for the Bilingual iBA & iBSc  programs, and opportunities for trilingual certification with the Trilingual iBA & iBSc program options.