Student stories

Looking for ways to help fund your studies? Check out how these Glendon students were able to receive scholarships that are helping them on their academic journey. Get some ideas on how you could do the same!


Elizabeth J.

Toronto, Ontario
International Studies, graduating class of 2023

Through discussions with current Glendon students, and by doing my own research online, I was able to identify and receive funding from the York University Award of Achievement ($6,000) and the Roseann Runte Scholarship for Bilingualism ($1,200).

To apply for the Award, I filled out a personal statement (on my incoming student financial profile page) and submitted three letters of reference. To apply for the Scholarship, I filled out a personal statement. So simple!

This funding allowed me to focus all my energy on my studies and take away much of the stress that comes with finding ways to fund myself in university. I was able to participate in many extra-curricular activities related to my degree that will further prepare me for my future career.

Most students are unaware of the funding available through York and Glendon, so ask current students or your academic and financial advisors to point you in the right direction, do your research online and apply as much as you can! And remember: you are guaranteed not to receive any funding if you don’t apply, so definitely give it a try!

Oneca T.

Trinidad & Tobago
International Studies, graduating class of 2023

I discovered the Glendon International Student Scholarship ($10,000) with the help of a Glendon academic advisor. All I had to do was fill out an application, include a short statement on my leadership abilities and how I could contribute to Glendon, and join my resume and a letter of recommendation from one of my teachers.

Receiving this scholarship helped me prove to myself that I was capable and smart enough to be a recipient, and that having dyslexia shouldn’t stop me from pursuing my goals. I strongly encourage future Glendon students to apply for all scholarships that they are eligible for. They may be happily surprised!

Rezo P.

International Studies and Business Administration dual degree, graduating class of 2023

“Because of my grades, I automatically received the York University Entrance Scholarship ($3,500) and the York University Student Life Award ($500). In addition, I also applied to the Lester B. Pearson Entrance Scholarship ($1,000) and the Ethel Harris Entrance Scholarship ($10,000) at Glendon, which I was awarded.
I found several scholarships and awards that I was eligible for by searching on the York University and Glendon campus websites. I filled out application forms, wrote essays, asked for volunteer references, prepared my resume and developed a cover letter.
Thanks to this funding, I was able to cover costs that my parents could not support. Students looking for financial support should think about building a strong student profile – volunteering and pushing themselves to obtain better grades are great ways to achieve this. Researching scholarships, awards and bursaries online and working hard are key to unlocking some of this funding. University is an expensive endeavour and every little bit helps!”