Boost Your Funding

Stay on Track

Top 5 Tips to Follow

  1. Keep your grades up

    For high-school applicants, entrance scholarships are calculated based on your final Grade 12 average, so work hard until the end of the year to max out your scholarship offer. 


  2. Make a budget

    How do you know if you have enough funding? Make sure you sort out your finances before you start university. 


  3. Apply for scholarships

    Hundreds of scholarships are available, some from York and some from Glendon. Don’t forget about the ones that need an application! 


  4. Apply for OSAP

    Submit your application, ideally by June 30th, to be considered for loans and grants (free money that you don’t have to pay back). Not from Ontario? Look into your government’s financial aid. 


  5. Start applying for more aid

    Before you start school in September, you’ll be able to apply for more awards that are given out each year and start looking for a part-time job if you need one.