Student stories

Check out the stories of students like you who came with various levels of knowledge in a second language when they arrived at Glendon, and what their language learning journey means to them!

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Toronto, Ontario. 4th year in Political Science

Arrived at Glendon with very little French, was placed in the FSL Pathway
“My language journey has been incredibly revealing. Even though I had almost no French when I arrived at Glendon, I have been able to move from the 1000- to the 2000-Level language courses, which means a lot to me. This happened because I worked hard and eventually, I was able to understand and apply what I was learning in my classes. However, beyond the technical side of language-learning, what’s been amazing is discovering new cultures and new opportunities I was completely unaware of previously.
I encourage everyone who has an interest or a passion for languages to go for it! The journey is worth it and will bring a lot to your life.”



North York, Ontario 2nd year in Études françaises/French Studies

Arrived at Glendon with Extended French Program at the Secondary School level, was placed in the FRAN pathway
“Since starting at Glendon, I have enjoyed the many benefits of a bilingual campus. I decided to get involved with Recruitment Services, where I contributed to #StartYourQuest 2019, the bilingual YouTube series designed to help first-year students transition to Glendon. It was a unique opportunity to practice my French proficiency, which also helped me realize how much more I could achieve with the knowledge of a second language.
If this seems a bit daunting, keep in mind that profs, academic advisors and fellow students at Glendon want you to succeed and develop your confidence when learning a language. They can give you the support you need to work through challenges. Don’t be afraid to ask for help: the single time you decide to connect with others may just put you on a great path to continue your language journey with confidence.”