Our small, close-knit campus offers you a unique bilingual environment where your French will improve on a daily basis just by being here.

You’ll hear French from other English speakers practicing their second language on campus, and from francophone students of various backgrounds: about 1/3 of our students come from French-speaking locations around the world — Quebec, France, Belgium, Morocco, Cameroon, Haiti, and Mauritius, to name just a few.

Many of them are at Glendon doing the same as you, but in the reverse: learning English while they earn their university degree. Our campus is truly bilingual to the core: all Glendon professors and staff speak both languages; our services, library resources, and even our campus signs are offered in English and French.

Socially bilingual

As a result, student life happens bilingually; sometimes, even trilingually. Our student newspapercampus radio station and student clubs warmly welcome both anglophone and francophone students, while our Drama Studies students put on productions in English, French and increasingly, Spanish at Theatre Glendon. You might also have the chance to help your neighbours in residence with their English while they’re helping you with your French!

If you want to develop your language skills even further, some other popular options with Glendon students include:

  • Taking part in one of our numerous international academic exchange programs
  • Spending your summer doing the ever-popular Explore program, a five-week language bursary program designed to enhance your language skills by immersing you in a francophone community