If you have a diagnosed disability:

We encourage you to identify yourself during the admissions process. Consider a modified admission request (for students with a diagnosed physical, learning or mental health disability).


Visit the campus

Arrange a campus tour or a one-on-one appointment with one of our student recruitment officers.

Learn More

Want to transfer to York but don’t know where to begin?

Find out how many transfer credits you may be eligible for with ONCAT’s new Course-to-Course Transfer Guide (C2CE). Just input your transcript information and the database with search for course equivalencies across 24 of Ontario’s colleges and universities.

Alternatively, if you’re a current York student interested in taking courses at another institution, C2CE can help you find transferable courses – or courses that may count toward your degree at York.

ONTransfer.ca is an unofficial guide to how courses transfer from one institution to another. Your grades and, in some cases, the program you are pursuing will be taken into consideration by the college or university you plan to attend.