International students are an important part of Glendon’s identity. Currently we are host to over 170 students from abroad—at a university with only 2,700 students, that’s a lot! Glendonites hail from 100+ different countries, and our incoming students speak over 40 languages at home; we value our cultural and linguistic diversity, and we want you to be a part of it.

Ontario universities may require undergraduate applicants to have official international academic transcripts submitted directly to World Education Services (WES) Canada  for verification as part of the admission process. Universities will notify applicants submitting international academic transcripts regarding specific submission requirements through WES Canada.
If your first-language is neither English nor French, please ensure that you meet our language proficiency requirements for admission.
If you have a diagnosed disability, we encourage you to identify yourself during the admissions process. Consider a modified admission request (for students with a diagnosed physical, learning or mental health disability).

Why Choose Glendon?

Our language advantage

100% of Glendon’s students study in two languages, English and French, and between 20-30% of our students study in three or more! We offer bilingual and trilingual language certifications, along with language classes in Catalan, Ojibwe, and Romanian. If you’re passionate about languages, Glendon’s multilingual environment is ideal.

Our international focus

With around 200 internationally-focused courses, a richly multicultural campus, and our one-of-a-kind international degrees, Glendon understands the importance of a globally-oriented education. We send 3 times the national average of students on exchange, and we’re also home to Canada’s longest-standing International Studies program. Our community reflects our multinational mentality: our students and staff come from over 130 different countries!

Student Testimonials

IsabelIsabel Duque Arango is a first-year international student from an Ecuadorian high school, majoring in Linguistics and Language Studies. Read about her experience at Glendon on her blog.

“The summer before I came to Glendon I feared that my expectations about the small campus had grown too big to be met. The day I arrived, I realized that Glendon was too big and wonderful for my limited expectations.”

Academic excellence

Glendon provides the only bilingual science programs in Southern Ontario, including degrees in Biology, Psychology, and Environmental Science. Glendon students also have the opportunity to connect to York’s other campus, Keele, which offers 5,000 classes covering a broad variety of fields and interests.

Home away from home

With our cozy campus, our warm and welcoming residence committee, and our average class size of 26 students, Glendon is an intimate community of students, professors, and staff—all of whom will be excited to make an international student feel at home. Another resource includes the Glendon International Club, comprised of Glendonites focused on helping international and exchange students adapt to their new country and university.

The best of both worlds

Glendon is located beside one of the most beautiful residential areas in Toronto, and backs right onto a river and forested area. The beauty of our campus has real, tangible benefits: being surrounded by nature is a big boost to students’ physical and emotional wellbeing, and being compared to Narnia is no small thing. At the same time, Glendon is only a 30-minute public transit ride away from downtown Toronto, the largest and most diverse city in Canada and also the country’s commercial capital. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or for bustling city life, Glendon has you covered.