Expect a warm welcome when you arrive: our school year begins with a week of orientation activities to help you settle in and set the tone for life on campus. Orientation is a balanced mix of helpful factual information, a chance to get acquainted with the campus and other students, and many social activities taking you around campus, the city of Toronto, and surrounding areas. Welcome Week has many activities, including:

Discover Glendon

Sign up for these sessions on how to succeed at university: study skills, time management, how to use the library, financing your education, getting comfortable living away from home, and other topics.

Social Activities

Take part in a scavenger hunt through Toronto, visit Canada’s Wonderland amusement park, catch big-name musical events, and other great orientation activities. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the first-year class, Glendon, and Toronto. You’re bound to feel at home here right away.

Academic Advising

Once you’re admitted to Glendon, you’ll be invited to spend a day on campus choosing your courses, getting your e-mail account, your student identity card, etc. You’ll receive personalized help from experts who will work with you to shape your first year according to your own particular preferences. Distance advising is available for those who cannot come to campus before September.