A community-building initiative that was created over a decade ago, we provide bursary support to students who are engaged in extra-curricular activities, experiential education and/or work-integrated learning. 

    We are excited to announce changes to this program for the coming year, including a new application process to help disburse more funding! 

    The purpose of the HUGS program is to promote and encourage student engagement. When submitting a request for funding, please consider the following: 

    • Projects that require more than 100 hours of commitment fall outside of the scope of this program.
    • The minimum amount that can be given will be $50, and the maximum amount will be $1,500 per student. These funds will be given directly to students as financial aid.
    • The development of personal, academic and professional skills should be included in your request. Please refer to the Competency Dictionary available on the Becoming YU website to assist you. 



    • Undergraduate Glendon students who are currently enrolled in studies.
    • Students who have submitted their  2019-2020 Student Financial Profile (available mid-August until mid-March). 

    Preference, and the majority of HUGS funding, must be given to students who meet these additional criteria:

    • Are enrolled full-time 
    • Are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons 
    • Demonstrate financial need 
    • Note: Limited fundswill also be available to students who do not meet these criteria. 



    August 9, 2019: 

    The 2019-20 HUGS program launches and requests for funding can be submitted using the form below. 

    • NEW: Professors, staff and students can submit a request for funding! 

    August 23, 2019: 

    First deadline for HUGS requests to be submitted. 

    September 9, 2019: 

    The HUGS award selection committee will review requests for funding submitted by August 23, 2019 and decisions will be sent. 

    • Note: Staff from the following areas on campus will be assisting the Student Financial Services team this year!
      • Research Office
      • Experiential Education
      • Office of Student Affairs
      • Advancement, Alumni and External Relations

    After this initial round, requests will be reviewed by the committee on a rolling basis.

    If your request is approved (next steps):

    1. Send a confirmation of who you wish to award the HUGS bursary funds to (if applicable).
    2. The Student Financial Services office will confirm eligibility and send the notice to the recipient.
      • Students who are selected will need to confirm they wish to receive the HUGS bursary.
    3. Once the project/experience is completed, the funds will be deposited into the student account of the recipient. 
      • If the project will take place over the whole academic year (Fall and Winter terms), then payments will be made at the end of each semester. 
    4. HUGS recipients will provide feedback on their experience to the Student Financial Services Office. 

    January 31, 2020:

    Thank you for your submissions, the HUGS application is now closed. Please stay tuned for updates!